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Can i come for extended classes in other subjects?

I am sorry, but please check the schedule


What's the difference between an interface and an abstract class? Also discuss the similarities.

Abstract class is a class which contain one or more abstract methods, which has to be implemented by sub classes. Interface is a Java Object containing method declaration and doesn't contain implementation. The classes which have implementing the Interfaces must provide the method definition for all the methods Abstract class is a Class prefix with a abstract keyword followed by Class definition. Interface is a Interface which starts with interface keyword. Abstract class contains one or more abstract methods. where as Interface contains all abstract methods and final declarations Abstract classes are useful in a situation that Some general methods should be implemented and specialization behavior should be implemented by child classes. Interfaces are useful in a situation that all properties should be implemented. Differences are as follows: * Interfaces provide a form of multiple inheritance. A class can extend only one other class. * Interfaces are limited to public methods and constants with no implementation. Abstract classes can have a partial implementation, protected parts, static methods, etc. * A Class may implement several interfaces. But in case of abstract class, a class may extend only one abstract class. * Interfaces are slow as it requires extra indirection to to find corresponding method in in the actual class. Abstract classes are fast.


What is the difference between private, protected, and public?

These keywords are for allowing privileges to components such as java methods and variables. Public: accessible to all classes Private: accessible only to the class to which they belong Protected: accessible to the class to which they belong and any subclasses. Access specifiers are keywords that determines the type of access to the member of a class. These are: * Public * Protected * Private * Defaults


Can two variables' values be completely swapped without introducing a third one.

Yes, certainly this can be done, although there is a formula for doing this. Let's say if A=3 and B=5 then we could swap the values of these variables by the following code: A=A+B, B=A-B, A=A-B


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