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Most Important Announcement
Sem V Batches MPMC (Etrx/Extc) and MP (Comp) batches by Prof.Harish Narula announced.
Posted Date: may 11, 2012
SOM SOM batches by Prof.Khateeb to be held only at Khateeb Engineering Classes at Dadar, Thane and Borivali
Posted Date: may 10, 2012
Sem V Batches MPMC (Etrx/Extc) and MP (Comp) batches by PRof.Harish Narula announced.
Posted Date: may 10, 2012
Engineering Drawing Projection of Lines solved problems uploaded!!
Posted Date: may 11, 2012
Announcement Boards
Admissions Now Open SEM III, DSA,DSF and GUI-DBMS admissions now open
Date: May 11, 2012
Java Audio Files Java audio files now available in the Downloads Section.
Date: May 11, 2012
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Software Engineering

A subject that takes the focus away from programming and introduces the practical procedures and processes that are used in the industry for application developments.